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Sabbir Ahmed


I’m a digital marketer, motion graphics animator, web analyst, and now an entrepreneur. “Curious by profession,”​ as​ Jules et Jim said, I find my purest joy in marketing, motion graphics, web analytics, and discovering new ideas in digital marketing platforms to make viral content. My profession gives me a right, duty even, to be curious and the opportunity to illustrate my perspective through motion graphics and game development under the EndingScene.com banner and to grow our native freelancing platform KajKey.com.

Throughout my career, I have tried to maintain the highest performance standards within a diverse range of creating an animated video, marketplace development, digital marketing, and Web Analytics, which is clearly illustrated by my past success. As Digital Marketing Specialist of Pathao, Sr. Motion Designer & Search Engine Optimizer of REVE Systems, Digital Marketing Executive of GadgetGang7, SEO Expert of ChefOnline (Amber IT) & Social Media & Creative Executive of Bdjobs.com, I streamline my operations very successfully. While serving in these positions, I facilitated the implementation of a new promotional strategy that significantly increased the company’s profile.

I love to watch and learn from lynda.com (now LinkedIn Learning), digitaltutors.com (now pluralsight.com), and Coursera. These eLearning sites give me the ultimate learning opportunities regarding my fields of interest in Digital Marketing, Motion Design, and Game Development.


Sabbir Ahmed

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